Thursday, March 15, 2012

10 Confessions of a Teenage Bibliophile

1. While other girls my age are squealing over new pictures of their favorite celebrities, I will be obsessing over a cover reveal for a particular book I've been lusting over/new book in a series.

2. I will refuse to lend you my books or do so grudgingly. Any place outside of my room is dangerous. You might stain/tear/wrinkle the pages or stain/tear/smudge/scratch/kill the cover. And break the spine. Don't forget breaking my precious spines. WHY WOULD I WILLINGLY LET YOU KILL MY BABY?

3. I always remember your past offenses. Have you returned my book with suspicious brown stains? Are there dog ears on every other page? Does the cover have scratches? Yes, so and so did that about two years ago. I'm still mad about that.

4. The highs and lows (or just plain comas) I get after reading a book define me. DEFINE ME. I'm addicted.

5. Authors are like celebrities to me. In Spanish class when we're supposed to write about "una persona famosa" I'll write about John Green instead of Taylor Swift. Just a fact. When I write about my heroes, people like Rachel Hawkins and Stephen King make it onto that list.

6. I know people online. I consider them my friends. Obviously, I've failed the whole "creeper internet thing" schools have tried to beat into our heads.

7. I identify more with characters in books than I do with my peers.

8. My bookshelf looks like a mess but there's a method to my madness and if you move something, I will know. And freaking out is inevitable.

9. Mall or library? There's no competition unless the mall has a bookstore.

10. ...this one's a huge secret...I like books. :x

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