Thursday, March 22, 2012

Review: Pure

Review: Again, no Goodreads summary. It contains spoilers for those who haven't read Half-Blood, the first book of this series.

A lot of people say that Half-Blood was a Greek copy of The Vampire Academy series and I'll admit that they're really similar. Even though the social hierarchy of both books are just about the same thing, Jennifer took her characters and created something totally different.

Pure was just amazing. I'll try to keep this review as spoiler-free as possible, which will be very difficult for me to write and very short for you to read. In the YA genre especially, second books have this reputation for being awful. Let me tell you, Pure was anything but awful. There was action, tension (sexual and plot-wise), and all those delicious things that make a book good. It made me feel so many different things and this entire book was like playing a game of rugby with my emotions.

Give me a moment to be a squealy fluttery girl. Aiden is amazing. His terse personality and rare smiles make me all melty inside. He's a genuinely good character but he's just in so much control of himself that I want to hit him with a bag of teenage hormones and tell him to do what he wants to. Of course, if he went around doing whatever he felt like, he wouldn't be Aiden. Aiden's morals are strict, though, and his ability to put other's before himself and do the right thing endear me to him. Someone needs to give this poor boy a hug. He's just so good. The right thing is painful sometimes and he constantly endures that pain while others are ruled by their emotions. *stops ranting* The tension in the romance was strained at times, but it was so real and never felt forced or rang false.

Oh guys, there's a lot more Seth in this book. *squeals* I won't elaborate or this post could take days to read.

Okay, fangirly rant over. *clears throat* There's nothing to fear. I swear I'm rational again. Really.

I complain a lot about how the surprises in books never surprise me but Pure bested me. The plot and pacing in this book was fantastic as well. There was a richer layer in this book than there was in Half-Blood and it felt like Jennifer took what she set up in the first book and turned it into something even more amazing. That's what all second books should do. Not all of them do, but Jennifer nailed it. If anyone's still trying to say that the Covenant series is a copy of the Vampire Academy series than they've never read Pure. The action scenes were fantastic and the characters shone. She delved deeper into the social structure of the Covenant in this book and really just took everything to whole different level.

As always, Alex was fantastic. (Alex is the main character and a girl. Just sayin'.) She's just so strong. Physically and mentally. I feel like with everything thrown at Alex and with all the tragedy she's had to endure, most people would have been shipped off to the closest insane asylum by then. Alex isn't infallible, but she handles everything much better than the majority of people would. Her vulnerability is an endearing quality and makes her more real, but she doesn't let sorrow ruin her entire life.

The surprises really made me happy/angry/sad. But...I can't tell you guys more about it because it definitely counts as a spoiler. So many things were wrapped up. So many things were left unanswered. I need the next book. Do you hear me? I NEED IT! I CRAVE IT LIKE A DAIMON CRAVES AETHER.

All in all, Pure was a great book. The author managed to pull off another fantastic book flawlessly. I'd suggest you read anything by Jennifer L. Armentrout because she's just that awesome.

Rating: 5/5 stars

P.S. This was a longer post than I thought it'd be.

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  1. AWESOME review! I completely agree with you about everything really. :D I loved this book, loved the characters, loved the plot. I seriously can't wait for Deity now! :)