Saturday, May 12, 2012

Library Love

Hi, I know I've been rather absent lately. It's inexcusable, especially for such a new blogger, but things are crazy right now. For school, deadlines are slapping me in the face at an alarming rate, health things are iffy, and there's just a lot going on. I'm still reading--you can check out my Goodreads to see what they are--because I can't give that up or I'll go crazy. Like, seriously. (Ignore my shameless self promotion and don't check out my Goodreads. That'll show me, right? :D)

I feel sort of stupid with another update that isn't a review. I just thought I'd let you know that I'm still reading, I guess. I'm working on a few short reviews on some of the more recent books I've read. I'll upload them sometime this week. Don't fret! I'll be back soon. As soon as summer rolls around, a regular schedule will appear. (I know that's passive voice but I'm tired.)

Lately, because of my very low budget and enormous book appetite, I've been visiting the library. A lot. The librarians probably hate my guts because I'll arrive twice a week and check out 5-10 books every time. Before you go on about how I'm denying other teenagers books, I return them a week later at the most.

Well, other than my random pop ins, bye! See you on the other side.

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