Sunday, June 16, 2013

Review: Code Name Verity

Code Name Verity is an extremely raved about book in the publishing world. It's adored for good reason as well. Code Name Verity is amazing. It's a little unconventional, with a strong focus on friendship and a lack of romance, but I loved it. The book is split into two parts. Both are first person narration from the POV's of Julie and Kitty. If you start it and it seems iffy, the book does start off a bit slow. It's worth the read, though.

The story is set in Paris, France, World War II era. I can't say much about Julie because everything about her is laced with spoilers, but I can say that I love her to death. She speaks in a loose, stream of conscious way, which shows us insight on her prison. Honestly, at times she seems completely unhinged, but that only caused me to pity her more because of her circumstances. It's rare that I form such a strong connection with a character because the characters are usually the first I forget when it comes to novels. But here she is! It's been months and I still can't forget this woman.

So, Julie. Love her to death. She's eccentric and it's kind of fascinating and horrifying at the same time to watch imprisonment change her. Yet, at the same time some of her best qualities manage to stick with her through her struggle. Love. Her.

The second half of the book is from Kitty's point of view. She's less crazy and seems more cautious. Her personality differs from Julie's social magnetism, yet her strength in her desires and beliefs are admirable. Through Kitty, we learn more about her past with Julie and how Julie comes off to the rest of the world. It also shows Kitty's tenacity to cope with her worry for Julie and her adjustment to a completely different country. Kitty's such a hardworking character and so sweet at the same time. I liked her, but definitely not as much as Julie.

The second half of the book is shocking. I can't say anymore without spoiling the entire thing, but let's just say we get some new insight on the events told through Julie's point of view.

The side characters are very interesting, but take a back seat to our leading ladies. They serve their purpose in the story, but instead of seeing them as villains or heroes, the author crafts such realism and life into them that they seem like real people with faults.

The ending is tragic. So many tears have been shed over Code Name Verity. If you're looking for a happily ever after story, this isn't it. It's heartbreaking, mentally scarring, but so beautifully crafted.

Code Name Verity is a great book. Great, great, great, GREAT book. Despite the slow start, it's a must read. If you want a book with history, friendship, and slightly different, Code Name Verity is the book for you! 

Rating: 5/5 stars

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  1. I actually checked this book out during the school year. I tried reading it, but I turned it in after the first 30 or so pages. I just wasn't feeling it., and I thought the reason was because historical wasn't my kind of genre. But now, after reading your review, I realize that the beginning is probably really slow, and it all goes steeply uphill from there! Maybe I have to give this one another chance!

    Julie sounds like an amazing character. I remember while reading, thinking that she was too snarky for a girl in her position. Maybe my opinion will change.

    I'll definitely have to try this one again. Wonderful review, Julie! I love how much this one affected you. <3